Art Deco Jewellery

Elements of the Art Deco period began just before the War in 1914 and were at their height in the 1920's and 30's. The Jazz and Cocktail era of fashion and accessories that was so distant and distinct from the Victorians Jewellery that it was reffered to as the New Age. Flapper Beads, long waist length pendants and geometric brooches & bracelets were everywhere. Earrings were long, hanging well below the short cropped bob hair.

The flamboyant Art Deco Period was truly a sparkler with showy Diamonds and Emeralds set in white Platinum or Marcasite and Silver. Films, Magazines & Hollywood began to influence fashion and Jewellery. New materials were explored and those previously only used in industry - plastics such as Bakelite, Galalith, Casein, Chrome and Platinum became popular.  

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