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Georgian Mourning Ring W. RUMSEY 1817 Enamel & Hair
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Georgian Mourning Ring W. RUMSEY 1817 Enamel & Hair Georgian Mourning Ring W. RUMSEY 1817 Enamel & Hair Georgian Mourning Ring W. RUMSEY 1817 Enamel & Hair Georgian Mourning Ring W. RUMSEY 1817 Enamel & Hair

Georgian Mourning Ring W. RUMSEY 1817 Enamel & Hair

Product Code: M895
Georgian Mourning Ring
This fascinating ring is over 200 years old and was made to commemorate the life of W. Rumsey aged 47 years (making his/her date of birth 1770). A central glass panel encapsulates plaited blonde hair and is bordered with an enamel frame having inscribed gold lettering within black enamel:

W.RUMSEY OB ("ob/t", which is an abbreviation for the latin word "obiit", meaning "died") 18 MAR 1817 (18th March 1817) ET (Abbreviation of Latin aetatis, genitive singular of aetas 'age') 47
This fabulous ring holds even more historic interest, beautifully crafted and skilful it is only 8ct gold (tested) - a reflection of the creativity of jewellery industry at the time. Gold reserves were extrememly low, the Napoleonic Wars had depleted much of the European gold reserves, so goldsmiths had to be smart in their designs and maximise what gold they could.

"Iron Jewellery" is also a reflection of this period. Citizens of Prussia were urged to give their gold and silver to fight the uprising of Napoleon There are In return the people were given iron jewellery such as brooches and finger rings, often with the inscription "Für das Wohl des Vaterlands" translated as "For the welfare of our country / fatherland" or "Gold gab ich für Eisen" - I gave gold for iron.
Perhaps the lower carat is a reason it survived 200 years so well (the high the gold content the softer the metal).

Size: UK M US 6 and 1/4 Front of ring 7/16th (just short of a 1/4 inch high or 1cm) x just over 1/4" (on a curvature) or 1.2cm wide Weight: 3.8g Period: Georgian 1817 M895

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